Константин Тарасов
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English translation of Сон by Константин Тарасов
And Wake up early
And under the wolf howl of the Blizzard
Step over your threshold.
And go in the snow belt
To the station, on the first train,
Time to break the belt
And each other us return.
Be night as the echoing hall,
A month in a carnival mask,
Like in an old scary fairy tale,
What I wind told.
But according to the schedule
The window flashing building,
And final expectations
The station is approaching.
I'll come without calling,
You're not gonna open the door for me,
But you won't calm down
Vzvolnovavshee motive.
You enter commonly,
Surprised frankly
And look, absolutely
Without saying anything.
And sunrise not to put out -
The horizon is already split,
This night a huge city
The Blizzard will cover everything.
Like two clouds across the sky,
Will us to wear in the snow,
I'll leave in the morning,
And as above let us to live.

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