Константин Тарасов
Сон под пятницу translation of lyrics

English translation of Сон под пятницу by Константин Тарасов
Try to sleep by Friday,
By Friday, by Friday,
In the dream, all life on we rolled
Sled for new year,
Straps in a pre-war dress
And the balloon is heading.
Thursday will pay for us all
And Friday deals.
And everything that happens to us will come true,
Ah, it will come true, Ah, it will come true,
Will pass on this vague the street,
So we knew, in the end,
That many years behind us old
Wanders in the dark quarters
Some very tired
And a dear face.
And new year and spruce green,
Green, green,
Candle burning tired
And a nice man.
And smells of cork Mandarina,
Star hanging vintage,
And childhood all such a long,
And our so short life.
All night we wander through the confusion,
Confusion, confusion,
And only in the morning we will roll
Guess what was in the blood,
All of that sleep by Friday,
By Friday, by Friday
We are given so as not to hide
From our own love.
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