Константин Тарасов
Спокойно, дружище. translation of lyrics

English translation of Спокойно, дружище. by Константин Тарасов
Easy, buddy, easy.,
We still have everything ahead of us.
Let the spire of the night bell tower
... picks at my chest.
Do not confuse the end and the demise of,
Sunrises, as before, trumpeting,
Grief is not your reason,
Just a step for you.
These abraded steps,
For grief, separation, tears
Come on, bury the impatience
In the wind-washed eyes.
Vision seen night
At the porch of the Northern mountains,
We rocked forest stars
On the black eyes of the lakes.
Easy, buddy, easy.,
And we drink and sing merrily,
More in the coming wars
You have to survive.
Already dawns awake,
That you will be brought back to life,
Already made bullets,
That they'll whistle past you.
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