Константин Тарасов
Увы, мои друзья translation of lyrics

English translation of Увы, мои друзья by Константин Тарасов
Alas, my friends, it's too late to become a pilot,
Ballet star, artist Dali,
But you can sit in a car with a broken hearse,
To see all that is seen in the distance.
So, we just fly around the corners,
Naive runners high speeds,
For a moment sparkle car with a broken hearse,
In a silver ball dewdrops on a leaf.
And can proceed to unprecedented flights,
And the rudder goes easily to the knees, like a steering wheel.
And here flies a car with a broken hearse,
Where no one has ever flown.
It's so damn easy to shake off the swamp.,
To reach the sun and be reborn again -
Here is my house, here is a car with a broken hearse,
Here are old friends, and here is my love.
But I'm going down: Sorry, honking someone,
I left turn, the arrow and home,
A Pegasus with a broken hearse interweaves
A herd of strange horses, like an old yoke.
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