Dentaku translation of lyrics

English translation of Dentaku by Kraftwerk
She is a model and she looks good
I like to take you home with me today
She looks so cool, and no one comes to her
But in front of the camera as she shows what she can
She always drinks champagne at the nightclub (correct)
And has checked out all men here
In the spotlight her young Smile radiates
She looks good and beauty is paid
It shows itself for the Consumer Product
And is looked at by millions of eyes
Her new cover picture is simply fabulous
I have to see her again, I know she has business
The Model
Shes a model and shes looking good
Id like to take her to my place
Shes working coolly, she won be touched by anyone
Though, before the camera she shows what she can do
In the night club shes drinking only Champagne
And has checked out every man
In the floodlight her young smiles glitter
Shes looking good, and beauty will be paid
She exposes herself for consumer products
And is being seen by millions of eyes
Her new cover is simply gorgeous
I must see her again, I know shes made it

Music video Dentaku – Kraftwerk

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