Звероящер translation of lyrics

Also known as Который умеет говорить "I love you!" lyrics.

English translation of Звероящер by Крематорий
On asphalt ... women,
Filling the intersections.
Someone has a pass,
Someone has nothing,
Someone has a simulator,
Someone has a Mercedes",
And someone has theromorph,
Who can say " I love you!"
The apartment is renovated
In the house by the arc de Triomphe
Home to two English girls,
Collect sterling-pounds.
Rumor has it that between them
There is an intimate relationship
And each has theromorph,
Who can say " I love you!"
And last month a melancholy man
Without keys and without invitation
Got to the designated apartment
(in the house by the arc de Triomphe.)
He wanted sterling-pounds,
He wanted easy money,
But I met him theromorph,
Who suddenly said, " I ... you!"
I'll give you one more reason,
Based on observation
For people and for animals,
And those in between.
Can be become in this life happy,
You can even become immortal,
If you have a beastman,
Who can say " I love you!"

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