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English translation of Есенин by Кукрыниксы
Sing, sing on the damn guitar,
My last, only friend.
To drown in this frenzy,
Your fingers dance in a semicircle.
I didn't know love was contagious.
I didn't know love was a plague.
Approached and narrowed eyes
Bully brought to mind.
Sing, my friend, hum to me again
Our previous violent early.
Let her kiss another,
Young, beautiful bitch.
Don't look at her wrists
And with the arms of her flowing silk.
I was looking for happiness in this woman,
But I found perdition.
So why should I be jealous of her,
So why should I be sick like that?
Our life is a sheet and a bed,
Our life - a kiss Yes in whirlpool.
Sing, sing the fateful span,
These hands fatal ...
Only know, went they on,
I shall never die, my friend.

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