Die Taube translation of lyrics

Also known as Halt mich halt mich halt mich ach so fest lyrics.

English translation of Die Taube by Lacrimosa
You never knew your father
Your mother was like a dove
She flew from branch to Branch the same of Noah Spaherin
In the Midst of the floods of human activity
Always looking for safe Land
Hold Me Hold Me Hold me so tight!
So strangers became enemies
How they stretched out after the Dove
And the Dove got caught
Hold Me Hold Me Hold me so tight!
With the suitcase in the Ture
A new city in the sunset
A new bed-a new Motel
Hold Me Hold Me Hold me so tight!
She never talked about your father
Only in this one night
As with sore lips
And with terror in the face
She fell through the Ture and breathed:
Hold me tight
That town was stranger
That night was louder than before
She was alone
Charged in Tranen
Hide her face from me
The Stranger knocked
And the enemy came
I saw the outstretched Hand
And the dove sick with fear
And I beat and I beat
And I struck with all my strength
And I hit on bone
And I hit the brain
The years have passed
Since that night I have not seen my mother
A suitable roof a suitable bed
And I love my wife and I kiss my son
With all the love that surrounds me today
I'll never forget the blood I shed
And the man who spoke to me in death:
I'm back my son
Hold me hold me!

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