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Nuit magique translation of lyrics

Also known as Nuit magique lyrics.

English translation of Nuit magique by Lara Fabian
O. K. there was nothing to do
In this foreign Town
O. K. you were lonely
Okay, I was in lenvers.
O. K. it was a game
Okay. we were playing with fire.
O. K. it was taken seriously
Okay. the laugh in your eyes.
Magic Night
A story of love that turns to love
When the day comes
Magic Night
You lose your memory in the back of your eyes
Story of a night
Magic Night
So far from everything without safeguards
Around us
Magic Night
Night of chance we split up
Without too much faith
Okay. it's a skin thing.
Okay, we're going back to zero.
Okay, forget it.
Okay, we turned our backs.

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