Laura Pausini
Incancellabile translation of lyrics

Also known as Tu non lasciarmi lyrics.

English translation of Incancellabile by Laura Pausini
Sometimes I wonder if,
I'd still live without you,
If I could forget you.
But pass a moment and you are,
You're all I want
Relentless now!
It seemed like another story that,
Time takes with it,
You never leave me!
You don't leave me!
And the more I miss you, the more you are
At the center of my thoughts
You never leave me
Why now you will be
With your voice, lallegria
That inside me is no longer going away
Like a tattoo on the skin.
I can see you in his eyes,
I look for you when you're gone
On my lips I feel the desire
That I have of you
So deeply mine
I've never had anything. you never leave me.
You don't leave me!
And more I look at you and more you know
Of you I would minnamorerei
You never leave me!
You never leave me,
Never do it because
If I look at the sky
I feel that you will be
Relentless now, oh no!
You never leave me!
You don't leave me!
Relentless you are
In my breaths and my days,
You never leave me!
You don't leave me!
No, no!
You never leave me and it gets big
Inside me You never leave me
This need
Oh no I have of you
You don't leave me

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