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Пара гнедых translation of lyrics

Also known as Пара гнедых, пара гнедых lyrics.

English translation of Пара гнедых by Леонид Утёсов
Pair of bays harnessed since the dawn,
Skinny, hungry and pathetic in appearance,
You softly trailing small trot,
Your coachman is always in a hurry.
Was once you trotters
And Kucherov you were dashing,
Your mistress has grown old with you,
Pair of bays, a couple of bays.
A Greek from Odessa, a Jew from Warsaw,
The young cornet and the grey-haired General,
Each was looking for love and fun
He fell asleep on her chest.
Where are you now, in what new goddess
You search for the ideals of your.
You, only you and are correct it henceforth,
Pair of bays, a couple of bays.
Quiet foggy morning in the capital,
Down the street slowly crawling hearse.
The pine coffin in the remains of a whore
Pair of bays barely driven.
Who walks her to the cemetery,
She has no friends or family.
A few ragged beggars only,
Pair of bays, a couple of bays.

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