Лера Яскевич
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I don't want to make you loved anymore
Born by someone, but sung by me
I want to open up to the world, to go on a journey
Violating the rebellious peace
So fashionable to be different
And get lost in search of the truth,
You just close your eyes and run as fast as you can.
Another will not be possible
Run forward and know that I am at your side at this moment
This winter will not be enough to fall in love with us
Feel the cold
Don't worry, I'll be here and I'll stay there
I'll be here and I'll stay there
Here and there
Gone with the wind
With closed eyelids
You hear my songs
Love warmed
They are tender and attached
The most-a family
Those who are twice deceived, do not be afraid
I won't leave them
Have no fear

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