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Давай, наяривай translation of lyrics

Also known as Давай-давай-давай наяривай, семиструнная гитара lyrics.

English translation of Давай, наяривай by Лёша Маэстро
It's so hard to leave what you spend years on
The sound of the cities I spent my time here
In cold weather, rain or hail pen, leaf, square
Thoughts to the morning I'm staying here, good friend
Without the bustle of the city, without reminders of how to live
In this night wilderness, telling about all close
And you are where I am not, where the light is dim,
And I'm on stage, it's hard for me when you're angry
Faces that give joy, now I will give you
Sincerely, I miss your eyes, believe me
The next bit of the verse, sample, project
This is appreciated, and it is not by chance that I saw open doors
Forever lost somewhere in winter and summer,
Even when I don't have time, I get stuck in rap.
In General, all the best and a fair wind
I'm here for a long hike, and I think I did the right thing
Go-go-go play, seven-string guitar
It's time
Time for family, time for couples
Go-go-go play, seven-string guitar
Good for clubs and bars
I'm stuck here,
Soon I'll be stuck in the tram, than among the boys.
Yes, I sometimes drink, I don't believe in Church,
But he christened his son for fifty rubles.
I saw a nun with a fourth iPhone in Moscow,
I didn't listen to my father. Listen, in the end, here I am Writing these poems to the beat of which year I am.
Plans to relax in warm countries
Swimming in the ocean on Islands in Taiwan
Mani-Mani-Mani, Zhigulevskoe in the bath
Kuban wines somewhere on Abakan,
Why not? We strive for growth under the toast,
Not respecting the posts.
Go-go-go play, seven-string guitar
This music gives me a gift, will drive me crazy in the yards through bars
Hello, dear, don't wait, I won't come home today
I'm in a place where there are no Windows and the alcohol warmed my soul.
Where the microphone is like a best friend, and that's my way
And in the club, hundreds of hands speed up my pulse.
My gray life against the brilliance of your Windows
You Wake me up when life gets easier here.
I promised to dedicate a couple of lines here to you
So, my dear, leave me, because I have no prospects at all.
Knocking down the soles of shoes and raising dust,
A place in the sun where? I can't find it.
When ice nichevo even in the hot summer,
Who can help you when you don't want to?
Monotonous everyday life, no one will judge anyone
Without getting to the bottom of it.
Don't forget, but if your loved ones are somewhere far away
No Nathalie can quench my sorrows.
Flooded, straining with family distance
Passes, tears, five-minute stops at stations.
Time tempers, time covers with armor
Major hawala, hawala prohovnik patsykiv.
Only you, only the warmth of your hands
Open a side vicious circle.
Tycho so left himself to you on bail
You're out there somewhere, I'm here in Yekaterinburg.
I breathe more deeply, inhale more often,
I think about the future, I think about the present.
Play in the box at the wrong time,
After all, the era rolls a stream of invigorating.
Go-go-go play, seven-string guitar
This music gives me a gift, will drive me crazy in the yards through bars
Do not judge me, we are not judged in this world
I myself sometimes get lost in these stone slabs
In cold winds, where it is dreary
And only a word in a line gives me strength again
I'm sick, this poison makes me thirsty
That's the way it works for me, and I put everything on the line
Fate is strangling my spirit,
But I'm not afraid, I won't bend while my pulse is beating.
I can hear the rustle of pages somewhere nearby,
So someone is building their world again, where there is life
So soon we will be warmed by warm words
Those who have been wounded since childhood will heal our wounds
It is useful for us to be easier, to change ourselves,
But not everyone is allowed to rise up into their own circles.
Where the path leads, only God knows
I appreciate what I have in life, but I didn't put a price tag on love
Go-go-go play, seven-string guitar
This music gives me a gift, will drive me crazy in the yards through the bars.

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