Лёша Маэстро
Нет, я не умер translation of lyrics

English translation of Нет, я не умер by Лёша Маэстро
To tear out my heart, to sleep forever
Forget that we are different currents of the river
And dissolving the soul it is easy to go anywhere
Away from you, away from your friends.
Having closed in the evening in the room, I for some reason cry
The phone rings in the wall zaharescu
Hand shaking, mother, sister, father, brother,
Close relatives, I in front of them is to blame
No, there's no going back
Took her photo and burned it on a saucer
Sweat from the fire? No-I'm afraid,
But want to know what would happen next. I swear!
No, there's no going back
Took a bottle of vodka
Drank grams of two hundred
His hand stopped shaking and he lit a cigarette
Her face stood up, forces no more
I remembered how we sneered at her on the roof
Nine homes What dreams then dreamed
Bitch! Sold love for the paper
Which ass you can wipe For car Pasha
Another curve, another hundred grams
Stop It or I'll go to sleep and get drunk
Don't want to go don't want everything to be Lesh
No, there's no turning back.
Again shivering, rolled up his sleeve, wrist on the table
The knife slid over him the Body fell to the floor
Would she come to say goodbye? In the eyes of darkened
What would she whisper? Body is numb
Funny, it only hurts a little to die.
It is strange that love can kill the fool
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