Лёша Маэстро
Серый человечек translation of lyrics

English translation of Серый человечек by Лёша Маэстро
Your mouth is a Pleasant voice. On the face of my anguish.
I won't forget that Saturday afternoon.
Just you and me, your hand in mine.
It's dog-cold, but I'm warm with you, believe me.
Your eyes a Bit not understandable glance
Maybe they're telling me something inside.
Possible, ask to hold and release hard,
And can escape from your life imperceptibly.
To compare you with fire: you brighter and warmer,
Flowers: you iskusiteley and nicer.
Your face from a simple smile I love.
The touch of the hand and the heart beats a serpent.
With you easily, rushing time well.
Ready to live you life and more eternity.
With you-careless. You are a ray of light in the darkness.
But what's in your heart, what's in your heart for me?
What's inside you for me? Frozen water?
Forever and ever a stone of ice
Melancholy or a smile as bright as a ray of sunshine?
Or am I just a gray man to you?
What a life! Your gaze frozen in the web of days,
I guess he doesn't get any warmer with me.
Melancholy eyes, sometimes half-closed eyelids.
You had a transparent smile that night.
Mysterious candles burn, but the flame goes out.
Disappear if it is - this issue is unclear.
What's inside you? Ready to break glass with your hands,
What divides into the path between us.
Tsunami is ready to stop you for the sake of,
Get with the sky stars, take, Nate.
You, by the way, there is no sweeter, With a soul, I'm sick.
There is no room for flattery. Build
This song word for word out of the heart.
I wasn't trying to be pepper.
Just love knocked on the door,
And I opened towards happiness or sorrow
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