Лёша Маэстро
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English translation of Смог бы by Лёша Маэстро
Come on, you come home from work . ,
And I'm standing at the stove and I don't really want you.
In the apron and on the stove soup,
And not a word about the club,
And not a word about the fact that I have Sedna in the Studio writing her album. bom
Start to the masses,
And went to the ticket offices of the cinema,
Grapes and wine on the table,
And look not football, and ballet,
Don't go online,
At night not write this rap.
Not if he was playing on tour in the city,
What did you say?" Yeah baby.
Yes, you're right, of course.,
I'm knitting your socks, watching Margot.,
How strong would you be?
Guess you'd cheat,
I knew and didn't even ask,
And no quarrels and scandals,
Mittens, scarves, that would be enough.
Swollen me until melted,
And I'd be in bed all night,
Yes, life is us, in fact does not spoil,
But the perfect life is fucked up.
But I could do it the way you wanted.,
Well, fuck you body,
You'd be sweating in a month,
It would come to lawlessness.
Or even estimate,
I wouldn't call you baby, I'd call you Duchess.
And in those moments, when would you Wanted, to I became bad,
Between the legs would be rattled,
Put the mixer,
But thought in this time about you,
Tightened relative to,
And broke the crystal vase,
You'd be a moron looking at you.
Serenade sing under your window,
Sugar put in coffee next,
Morning, like such native,
And on the table boiling water and triple espresso,
I do not whine, but somehow not on itself,
Paranoia for all, but not grayer,
Housewife, bitch, bring, wash,
"Wake up Lech, let's go home "

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