Лёша Маэстро
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English translation of Я ей нужен by Лёша Маэстро
Daughter, how did you go to school?
- For fun.
How's the food?"
Batang, pull.
Is it fun to study in the morning or in the afternoon?
What kind of interrogations, dad? We're singing a song.
Get the diary, I'll check, threes-fall there alone.
On, 4, 5, see, not fall-pay.
It is not wild at all father, it's in the genes, daughter.
- I love math, that's genes for sure.
Yes we at all with you similar,
Yeah, they both have arms and legs and skin.
We both sleep late, we like to roll by the TV.,
Delicious to eat and ride a bike.
Everybody loves it, dad, any way.
Let's eat quickly and get on with the album.
After all, I'm big, it's time to do business,
Let's sing the chorus and go feed the squirrels.:
Even on the darkest day,
Even when I have a cold.
It's all such rubbish,
I know exactly what she needs.

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