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Position im Kosmos translation of lyrics

English translation of Position im Kosmos by Letzte Instanz
The position in the cosmos is clearly determined
The rays of the sun is divided into three parts to verbal acts, then
For the truth is still at the end of the world
When your house comes in you need a bigger tent
Who gives you your money when everything falls under your gaze
Because only you are to blame for the rope of the third world
What do you want - what drives you out-what builds you up - what do you want
Still old you're out
But you're everywhere in it just can't unfold
Don't know what to do
Because enormous power your problem is understand it right
The phanomen here is completely unimportant
You don't know who you are you don't know what you do
If you want light is day if you want Dark is night
Who tells you what you want when
Who tells you what you feel when
Who wants anything from you
Who is there if you don't then it is still
I feel pulled back into positions
The universe but they mirror the same embryos
Black Spies Come From Past Times
While streetfighter fighters continue to endure suffering
Must dus unfortunately tell everyone-the death is already in the ladder car
Smile and laugh when you come out
Curtain up for the star children-and life is a dream
Completely detached-from time and space
Too many ways I see too many I do not understand
Bebe inwardly but live not surrender me
The mist of evil does not see the meaning therein
To wait a lifetime prefer to start before it is too spat
But everything goes as fast as Round 10 at tetris
Too many layers, too many canted stones
If I had only strength in hand to pull the Rice line
Safe collision safe standing safe walking in this world
But to be sure, nothing goes without money
Get involved in artistic friendships
Some people think they're making a joint
But friendship needs warm-campfire and look at the stars
I like to play along with what you call life
Have 10 programs and think you know everyone
I'm in my room and I don't understand the world anymore
Remember what happened but the fulle seems empty to me
Question actions I have done and refrain
Have recognized myself and leave your mass grave
I take off the masks see Germany's true faces
Look and feel when you get cold ask yourself what makes you so sure
That you can say eh one only our way is right
And you're not always so critical of me

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