Lucio Dalla
Due dita sotto il cielo translation of lyrics

English translation of Due dita sotto il cielo by Lucio Dalla
I remember the first trips made by train
The wind in the face, the hours in the window
The colorful loungers and lodore that makes the sea along the coast
Dirty walls, names and stations
Fresh water and runs to the fountains
The stench of the night in the wagons with the praise of eating
But especially the sea
People on the beaches
The sensual scent of the skin under the sun
Freckles on the muzzle, balls on the forehead of sweat
When I was 15, I felt like I was flying.
And that I could choose whether to live or die
That so much was the same
The important thing was to understand
Where my head and I could go with my body
I said to everyone, " I live
Two fingers under the sky"
When I was 15, that was my thought.
Instead I was just looking for two black eyes to look at
Another hand with his fingers coming for me
With his head on my shoulder to be silent and not to speak
And listen to the sea
And in that silence to hear my heart beat, only my heart
And in the shore to hear him shipwreck
Summer, come find me again
Take off that color, that Gray moist flavor
That time would give us
Summer, bring me fresh, life and love
That I want to breathe
It's worth dying if I still feel it
Two fingers under the sky
Open mouth your breath
With your eyes closed your mystery

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