Ляпис Трубецкой
Свежий ветер translation of lyrics

English translation of Свежий ветер by Ляпис Трубецкой
Panic cowardly contra
Hello, new dawn
Kings gold discount
Proletarian greetings.
Necklace in his Monte Carlo
The power of the necklace
Blue Nose will lead the Pope Carlo
Who's temporary? Get off!
A fresh wind waves the whip
Accelerates the slave of the century
Enough to babysit these fat kings!
A fresh wind joy will meet
Sing along all friends in the world
Let us snatch joy from the days to come.
Jelsomino - the cheerful friend
Sing us a song of spring
Neither coward nor traitor will see
How dreams come true.
Collapsed sand fortress
The waves beat over the edge
Lamborghini, that's ridiculous.
Chic, good-bye!

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