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English translation of Мент by Любэ
The COP and wife-no,
Well, what other wife of a COP,
If you are twenty years old,
And around-that all the war.
He grew up in that war,
He had the suit not the same, Oh, don t, and got it in his native country, the bullet-fool.
And his mother wrote,
You know all about it, mom.,
How many times have you protected me,
Goodbye, mom.
And he fell instead of us,
Was boy twenty years,
Ah, fate did not work out this time,
He hesitated, but the sniper didn't.
There was a kid and no kid,
And he would live to a hundred.
Yes hats down and a shot glass to the bottom,
When burying the COP,
Stand up when a fighter is buried.

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