Mago De Oz
Maite Zaitut translation of lyrics

English translation of Maite Zaitut by Mago De Oz
I want to be your skin in the winter
So the cold in you can't get in.
I want to be the light in your path
Sun at night, fresh water at sea
Be the door I never let through
To long silence and solitude
Being different bodies for the same purpose
Be, carino mio, be I in you
And if I break strings that I tie
To the usual I the partire
And if I have to move mountains that in my mind
Do not leave me to see you, my love, movere
My witness to god that you will not fallare
I'll be your advice, baby, but not your Judge.
Time teaches me that the food of love
It's trust, respect and a mattress.

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