Лилия и Лилит translation of lyrics

English translation of Лилия и Лилит by Margenta
Rough age hates the romance of the night,
Despises the Majesty of the lunar chorales.
A hellish circus of mockingbirds silly laughs
Over the flower of your blood, short and scarlet, but black cloak to the ground. Lily and Lilith
Turn into a tall tale sacred stones,
The downpour washes away the signs and he is hopeless.
Mystery of ancient rites with the mystery of the sky on an equal footing.
The initiate feels it all on his skin. But a Black cloak to the ground, Lily and Lilith.
Never tell a lie, and never tell the whole truth.
Never tell a lie, and never tell the whole truth!
Lily and Lilith. Lily and Lilith. Lily and
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