Убийца времени translation of lyrics

English translation of Убийца времени by Margenta
Amber eyes of the time killer,
His greedy mouth stretched into a smile,
The invisible thread goes from the crown
Where hides the light and the shadow crystal arch.
He stares at his watch and prays,
Silver bullets driving into the barrel,
And the silence of a discharged slave
Dancing, stepping on the hem.
Mystical shooter,
Fearless and precise,
Not the Devil, not God,
Lone shooter.
Someone else's shoulder
Camisole cherry color,
Not blood,
The candle went out,
Killer and Time,
You-the third, you-glee,
But be ready,
Be ready,
Against my will!
Time quickly runs away in horror -
Not knowing the direct paths of the beast,
And howls, and whines, and foolish spinning,
Wrong cold Empire of their own.
Amber eyes-Click! - Colorless.
Bits of thread. Blasted brain. Collapsed arch.
In mockery turns the Echo hymn to immortality
The one who will kill time with a well-aimed shot.
Day by Day kill your time
But watch out, my blessed child!
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