Вампиры Анны translation of lyrics

English translation of Вампиры Анны by Margenta
The light of the moon has gotten into my blood -
I see faces, but I'm invisible,
No shadow, no sound of footsteps,
Only the lunar rain.
The scent of your perfume,
I can smell it from a mile away -
And fly to you I ready
But you don't!
I must love what I destroy,
Must destroy what I love so much
I forget everything,
I hear the moon call
A strange gleam in my eyes,
I was hypnotized in that world,
Where you can't stay alive, -
In the realm of shadows.
Seen what is not given
See all of Death Almighty,
For which he was punished by the moon,
Who am I now?!
The hands of the Holy but at heart I'm a sinner,
The gloom will not hide my burning greedy eyes.
I'm cursed, but I pray,
Life take away, but love,
The blood enters
Blame it on you,
Ghost call of
Your fingertips will retain your scent
Over obstacles, through fire and ice
I hear the moon call,
I forget everything.
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