Закатные рыцари translation of lyrics

Also known as Спите спокойно, жители Города Солнца lyrics.

English translation of Закатные рыцари by Margenta
Sunset knights riding black horses
To the Cathedral, where the Master persistently draws the sacred veil.
The Master brush of gold dancing in his hands,
He is like the gift reborn from ash naive and wise men.
Would the knights know where the wealth of the tribes,
Who will never break the Catholic bonds now.
After all, the gold Master hidden pagan dream,
It brought caravels seeking in India way.
Sleep well, residents of the city of the Sun,
Sleep well!
Madonna is silent about the coming crucifixion grieving.
She looks so much like the youngest daughter of a cloth merchant,
And the knights it seems that in front of them - Destiny,
Whose gaze sends forever Spanish cannon at the bottom.
And the knights seem to be knee-deep in the sea
For those who are rich only in arms and grandeur of speech.
But the Master in the fire of hell will send arrogant nobles,
And behind them, two dozen kings.
Sleep well, residents of the city of the Sun,
Sleep well!
On the walls of the Cathedral will fall asleep gold dust
And the Master will freeze forever in the guise of St. Peter.
Sunset knights will break out ruby the mystery of the crown -
That which will adorn the brow of the Son of Evil and Good.
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