Заздравная translation of lyrics

Also known as Выше кубки lyrics.

English translation of Заздравная by Margenta
Not a key water fill our cups -
Hmelnoy home brew for real men,
Come on, trumpeter, play quick Wake-up call
All our brothers, still alive.
Let friends leave fat,
Beauties have in strictness to keep,
Health drink desperate and daring,
Born day and night to win.
Above the cups, Hey, Hey,
Above cups for friends,
Drink honestly, to the bottom,
We all have the same life.
Above the cups, drink for life,
To the land where they were born,
Above the cups! For love,
The above mugs! Few words.
To the lion hearts.
Above the cups!
The above mugs!
Above the cups!
The above mugs!
Bottoms up,
Drink to the end!
All that was in life, you can not remember
Prophecies, betrayals and blood,
Usurers and cowards we nerovnya,
Like scoundrels and thieves of all kinds.
Blessed is the sword that sings with the wind,
Blessed is the horse that carried through the fire,
The fortune-teller, runes, ancient omens,
And his father's house waiting for his sons.
Who the first will fall, drunk, on the ground,
The whole year we will serve cups,
Valkyries, before it's too late,
Hurry us to the ground to feast!
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