Мария Чайковская
Красота translation of lyrics

Also known as В мире, где ты и я lyrics.

English translation of Красота by Мария Чайковская
Tomorrow I'll love you again -
We're playing.
Everything is infinitely new
In a world where you and I are.
Falling from the sky stars,
Crumbling city,
But it's never too late
In a world where you and I are.
In a world where you and I,
There is only the sea
And the sky,
In a world where you and I,
On the replay of our summer -
What beauty,
What beauty.
How many wet streets
They won't write about us anymore?
We all woke up
In a world of dreams.
I smiled at you,
You without saying a word,
He wrote the word "we"on my wrist.

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