Марк Бернес
Злата Прага translation of lyrics

English translation of Злата Прага by Марк Бернес
I was staying with friends intimate
In nice Prague, in a neighboring country.
Good city, and young and ancient,
I liked you so much.
The arrows of the towers rose as in a fairy tale.
And merged into a single stream
Czech songs melodious weasel
And Moscow native accent..
You'll stay in the shower forever,
City of songs and chestnut leaves,
Golden Prague, the beautiful Prague,
Golden friend of Moscow!
I sat on the garden benches
And across the Charles bridge walking.
And in the tavern at the table Schweik
Famous pivecka drink.
We are not related for a day, not for a year,
Constant feeling, live!
Let this song fly to Prague
It sounds like a Declaration of love..

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