Martin Jacoby
Divenire translation of lyrics

English translation of Divenire by Martin Jacoby
That they ass cant get popped at 12 oclock in the afternoon
I got the balls to come through your walls, like (boooom!)
Have an orgasm every time I clear the ... room
(... is gone) Nah, not just yet
I need to see you son of a bitches sweat
(i love) What I got, son, my shit is prop', son
With Prem' in the drivin seat and Freddie Foxxx ridin shotgun
(stop son!) Here is the ultimate
Somethin I love is when thugs be bumpin my shit
(i love) ... with heat, (i love) ... thats deep
... that regulate the streets (sho' nuff)
Mic blessin, Smith and Wessun caressin
(first Family) With the Desert Storm impression
The lesson: I advise if your not ready to ride
On the homicide side, ... slide
I love beats that are hardcore, dirty and raw
I love takin ... burners when they scared to draw
I love plottin on my enemies, I love to attack
I love beatin ... down when they rhymes is whack
I love seeing emcees struggle to make
Themselves something that us real ... love to hate
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