Mary J. Blige
Doubt translation of lyrics

Also known as I lost a lot of friends lyrics.

English translation of Doubt by Mary J. Blige
No, ooh, oh, oh
No, ooh, oh, oh
You think you know
But you dont know the half
You think you beat me down
But Ill have the last laugh
Ill keep getting up
Cause thats what I want to do
Im gonna be the best me
Im sorry if it kills you
I made it to the end
I nearly paid the cost
I lost a lot of friends
I sacrificed a lot
Id do it all again
Cause I made it to the top
I cant keep ... myself anymore
Oooh, no, ooh, no, no, no
I cant keep ... myself, no, no
(oooh, oh, oh)
And I remember holding The Breakthrough album
Holding it in my hands, in my car
Listening to it on repeat
To me she was this untouchable goddess
And, and when I met her
I really, really wasnt expecting her
To just be, like me
I feel like were, were so similar

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