Mary J. Blige
There's Only One translation of lyrics

English translation of There's Only One by Mary J. Blige
We bringin that shit that be so undeniable
Yall wanna know who we with
Busta Rhymes and theres only one
You know my man is always rockin shit
We keep it street cause thats where were from
You comin out to do your thing
Underground heat to the club we bring
And you know that we got this
And you know that we got this
(hugh) Brand new, all the way down the line
From the new bounce the new money down to the newest shine
Wit the new blue nine though I had to bust it a few times
Watch these funny ... and analyze all the true signs
In due time we will accumulate, illuminate
My click will ... up the money you allowin your crew to make
Yeah, and while we step up in the hot spot
And ... with these bitches until somebody start to bust shots
... duck for a second make sure they aint the ones got
To start the party against me (ho) and yell blood clot!
Everything be goin on from chicks blowin kisses
Straight wildin out while these ... surround these freak bitches

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