Matthias Schweighofer
Durch Den Sturm translation of lyrics

Also known as Ich werd' uns nach Hause bringen lyrics.

English translation of Durch Den Sturm by Matthias Schweighofer
Icy Wind,
He has been with us for weeks
But I keep my word
Promised is promised
Always uphill
War hardly any more air to say what
Back down
With you and my questions
At some point all this makes sense
I'll bring us in safety
Even if I just don't know where
I'll carry you through the storm
Somehow, after the house
Wherever that is
I'll find out
I got all your keys
And open up for you
Make it hard for me
I can do that too
Have all your keys
And wear yourself up
I'll stop you and nothing will stop me
No end in sight on the Paths full of stones
We both for you together still alone
We don't say a word
So hard to believe
But behind the ice
Waiting for your warm eyes
At some point, all this makes sense.
I'll take us home
I'll take us home
I'll take us home
I'm sure we'll be there soon
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