Matthias Schweighofer
Wege translation of lyrics

English translation of Wege by Matthias Schweighofer
We didn't always reach our destination,
And when they cross,
Then they want to see you.
So often you stop and turn around
After yesterday comes tomorrow
And then again tomorrow
Our paths are
Sometimes Stony, sometimes empty,
And if you ,
Then we have a problem
Wherever we are, wherever we go
We stay close, we never stop.
What's still coming, whatever we see,
We cry
Can you understand me ,
What's still coming?
Ways always take you home,
Because if you need them,
Then they appear
Too often you go away
Without knowing where to
Let's get lost,
Does that also make sense,
For paths are ready for a return
And we are too far away ,
Then brin ' N them and nearer.
Wherever we are.
I know you can understand me,
Wherever we are.
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