Майя Кристалинская
Колыбельная с четырьмя дождями translation of lyrics

English translation of Колыбельная с четырьмя дождями by Майя Кристалинская
Sleep, people, darkness around,
Sleep, winds and blizzards,
Sleep, rivers under ice,
Sleep, gorge!.
Sleep, all sorrow on earth,
Not hurting us.
Sleep in the trunk forever
Bullet evil.
Death, you too rest,
Leave the old men alone.
Drunk sleeping their sleep,
Evil human!.
Sleep, people, at a late hour,
Sleep, adults and children,
As if you have enemies
Not in the world!.
Sleeping we are all equal,
We in dream-all young.
May you people have dreams
Let him come while he sleeps
Whatever you want.
If the conscience is not black,
Sleep well!.

Music video Колыбельная с четырьмя дождями – Майя Кристалинская

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