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Biochemical Equation translation of lyrics

Also known as If you cant understand, then come closer lyrics.

English translation of Biochemical Equation by MF Doom
Fifty thousand year process, to make this combination
Ninety nine elements, biochemical manifestation
Im not giving mines away to Satan
Although, I know that hes awaiting
Imma slip him son, Imma dip him, son
When I catch the drop on him, Imma clip him, son
Bet oc', straight to the head with the pet rock
At least til I can get from out this booth, its like a sweat box
Trained a few bars of head nodding, throw us a stack
Pants militant sawed up like linen, bobbing bonus pack
Invest in the first b-boy kid show, life on skid row, with jive talking ...
He wear his beard like a frizzly haired grizzly
And kept his appearances exquisitely rare, where is he?
Is he in the backyard, or on your front porch
Or standing in the corner of the club, with the blunt torched
Youre soft, they say he rhyme like he starving
And sold odds and bob kins, to old gods and goblins
Valley, adjust a pest and your worst best friend
Who mending with space time fabric like polyester blend
Not a hobby for no body, lead less from men
Or sloppy like the rest of them, they probably need estrogen
Yo, yo, drunk or sober, son, dont lose your composure
Semi off the Remy, mixed with Henny, Moet demi'
Underneath the passenger seat, son, tuck the semi'
Israeli issued, automatic black pistol
The cop with the flashlight, chew gum as he whistle
Tapped on the glass, roll it down fast
License, registration, addressed to your lab
They made insurance, the reason why I pulled you over
Cuz the way you were swerving, sir, you cant be sober
Have you been drinking? Breathe into the breathalyzer
Get out the car, please, follow this exerciser
Put one finger on your nose, now from heel to toe
Walk in a straight line, ten paces, down the road
My homeboy Kano, used to do the mashed potato
On cartwheels, and then spin house like whirled tornado
That used to chase the light, but, son, he will always save ya
Becoming pump blows, and make beats inside my basement
Drunk or sober, never lose your composure
Stress on the brain, cause pain and stomach ulcers
If you cant understand, then come closer
We civilize the uncivilized cuz we supposed to
Drunk or sober, never lose your composure
Might give your hand, black man stand as a soldier
Stress on the brain, cause pain and stomach ulcers
If you cant understand, then come closer

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