Abschied Von St. Germain translation of lyrics

Also known as Au revoir mon amour lyrics.

English translation of Abschied Von St. Germain by Michelle
There's a letter on my doorstep,
I pick him up and look at him
The sender, I know the name
And I'm starting to shake
Only the Name, not the handwriting,
Because she's familiar with me
I track my heart beat,
There was something brewing
I rice it up and see the lines,
I feel my heart shattering
It must be his wife's handwriting,
For his it is not
She writes: "I know about you and him,
And I've left you.
He gave me everything for a moment,
Before he died, he paid.
I'm sorry, now we both cry.
It hurts so much, he went to fruh,
And what really was going on in it,
I guess I'll never know. "
And your last sentence,
The las I,
He was very small as P. S.:
"True love cannot die,
If you vergist you never. "
In this city at the Seine,
In the hotel in St. Germain,
In this one small room
We lived our dream in secret
Au revoir Paris, au revoir St. Germain,
Au revoir mon amour,
How could you go?
Au revoir
I'll see everything again now,
Every single Time,
Our secret, one night in the year
We lived in different worlds,
Didn't take anything away from anyone,
The great love of our heart
We had perfectly hidden
And we kept the secret
As sworn to the death
Now I'm putting myself in my car
And I'm going to dinner red
Once again, to Paris,
To St. Germain,
In this city at the Seine
To say goodbye
Au revoir mon amour,
Au revoir St. Germain,
Au revoir my big dream,
It's so hard to understand
Au revoir Paris,
Au revoir St. Germain,
Au revoir mon amour,
It was so already
Au revoir mon amour,
I'm so sorry
Au revoir mon reve
It's over, over
I am grateful to you for the time
To all eternity

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