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English translation of Экстрим by Михаил Башаков
And life presses us more and more,
"Good " or" bad " no one is interested.
And here the son, not the baby, again came to the father,
The conversation will be serious-you can see by the face.
"Papa," he said, " we speak the same language." How do you know what it is
Oh, those words of yours!
Well, son, let's dance from the stove.
You'd better ask where the clouds are coming from.
Let's start with you from afar.
Not to show that words can litter.
Extreme Say extreme
When the Legionnaires with short swords
Appropriated everything on the way met,
And called it a short word "Rome",
Extreme That was extreme!.
The last century of the second Millennium,
Sixth forty-first, in the sky fourth and seventh squadrons,
Messer pressure, the numerical advantage,
Surprise, the situation is far from idyllic.
The co-pilot, swallowing blood, shouted through the smoke: "Burn!"
Extreme That was extreme!.
We stood when we weren't,
We didn't miss when we were waved away,
We deployed when we deployed,
But we moved away when we were moved away.
Still retreating. It is not known how much more we pass.
And death quietly with our faces makes life grim.
Extreme This is extreme
Artist, brush waving,
He thinks: "the Picture will be good"
A writer, describing the plot,
Recalls: "he was a Good anise"
The poet said: "We will not run into the reef!",
Setting sail to the winds of rhyme.
But again it will happen, no one will vouch
For what we do not do in vain
Extreme Is also extreme!.
The old man seemed to understand only russian.
The son was stunned by his father's explanation.
And, although he is certainly not small,
Long sat thought, thought, thought, thought, thought
Thought, God with him, with adrenaline, with fear,
If I drop my parachute, I'll become a monk.
Rejoice, give praise
Extreme that would be extreme!.
That's right, son, that's right.

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