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That Feeling translation of lyrics

Also known as That feeling, that feeling, that feeling, that feeling lyrics.

English translation of That Feeling by Mike Posner
That feeling, that feeling, that feeling, that feeling
I got this feeling, this feeling I know it
That Im about to make some millions, some millions then blow it
My, my, my, my new bitch Brazilian, she gorgeous
This, this, this new life that Im living its hard to absorb it
Ever had that feeling when you pull out they say who that
New school, blue black, drop top, push back
Its Ali, yeah I knew that, blew the whole by 2 stacks
When Im in the building, man them hoes run a full flat
Just some Puerto Ricos, margaritas, burritos
Vacation with my peoples, we do this for our people
You know that feeling like you won a Superbowl ring
No ball hog man Im playing for the team, yeah
Feel on 24, jerk 'em to the right
Feeling like a Mo, look at me and all this ice
Were here for those how we roll, its the feeling of a boss
I got trials on my line, got a million dollars house
We used to rot in Coogi sweaters now its Gucci all the time
Freshen hair, leather season, wanna toll the summer time
Used to have a little bank roll now my bank roll larger
Transformer Camaro, hopped out the Dodge Charger
Gerry Guardian seats, green light slick rims
Check my ring out, oh Im on my superbowl shit
Im flat in the sky, Im up there with the birds
I do it for the team, ..., motherfuck what you heard

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