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A House Of Many Rooms translation of lyrics

Also known as Its a house of many rooms lyrics.

English translation of A House Of Many Rooms by Mike + The Mechanics
Degenerates the man
The same apartment later
With the bottle half consumed
I see a house of many rooms
In the parlour Im your father
Who could ask for more
The bedroom compromise me
With your best friend from next door
In the kitchen being honest
The lounge a lying tongue
Locked in the bathroom
Pretending to be young
The chapel finds me kneeling
Praying for my soul
The painting in the attic
Cant prevent me growing old
Help me live forever
Silent as a tomb
I live in a house of many rooms
Join me at the dining table
Join me at the feast
Join me in the stable
Im laying with the beast
Youre walking in the garden
Oblivious whod know?
Im in the cellar ready to explode

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