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Hymne a l'amour translation of lyrics

Also known as Si tu me le demandais lyrics.

English translation of Hymne a l'amour by Mireille Mathieu
The blue sky on us can crumble
And the Earth may fall
I don't care if you love me
I don't care about the whole world.
As long as love floods my mornings
As my body fremira
Under your hands
I don't care about the big problems
My love, since you love me
I'd go to the end of the world
I'd dye it blonde
If you asked me
I would cross the moon
I'd steal the fortune
If you asked me
I would deny my homeland
I would deny my friends
If you asked me
You can laugh at me,
I would do anything
If you asked me
If one day life takes you away from me
If you die, may you be far from me
I don't care if you love me
For I too will die
We will have the eternal for us
In the blue of all the immensity
In the sky, no more problems
My love, do you think we love each other?
God ... those who love each other

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