Mireille Mathieu
Le Silence translation of lyrics

English translation of Le Silence by Mireille Mathieu
Silence is a child's cry in the courtyard
The first cry of love
The sound of a train leaving
Silence is the storm before the sun
The last cry of love
The sound of a train coming back
The silence is when the song in silence
Before the great thrill
But silence is your life at the end of my life
Who gives life to the words of love that are forgotten
Silence is a dying man praying in silence
Seeing her mother by the bed
But silence is my heart desert
Waiting for you from the ants
In the hands to think that tomorrow
You come back
And silence is your voice at the end of my voice
Who burst out with joy to break the silence between us

Music video Le Silence – Mireille Mathieu

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