Mireille Mathieu
Madame Maman translation of lyrics

English translation of Madame Maman by Mireille Mathieu
In the House of Chene-Liege, surrounded by the grass of the fields
A good old dog who protects her, here she is, Mama.
In sovereign gestures, simple and pretty under the sun
She walks like a queen among flowers taking advice
Did she have any poor mother from the worries of tears and joys
Does she carry them in the land of the great and the small sometimes
Did she do baptisms, weddings, ways of the cross?
Yet she remained the same, white hair and silk scarf
From this town where I sing to you, greetings, Ma'am
Romarins and acanthes are your only children now
And your lips sometimes whisper like a call, a souvenir
My God, how long it takes you,
And that's why your long sighs
But I know that the richness of your heart so full of love
You invent white masses
With your sons all around
That's why you can see an eternal smile, friend.
On the fine wax face of Madame Mama cherie

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