Mireille Mathieu
Pierre, Paul Et Compagnie translation of lyrics

English translation of Pierre, Paul Et Compagnie by Mireille Mathieu
Ah Pierre! It was simple:
He liked mountaineering.
I had to climb
It was heroism!
We lived in the snow,
At three thousand we camped,
The cold protects you,
But I had a cold.
Paul loved sailing
And the beatings.
We were counting the stars
From Cherbourg to Cuba.
A day on the Nile
I'm a shark,
I'd rather go to Lille.
Sing "The Little ..."!
Jean-jacques! It was the hunting
In Africa or the lions
Just television.
I felt my neck
Shaking long chills,
I like it better too.
Picking mushrooms!
I thought, " I'm done.
With all those jocks.
Mireille, you're not done
For the explosive kind! "
So I took Emile
Playing accordion.
He loves me with a quiet heart
And write me songs!
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