Miss Li
Nar Taget Gar translation of lyrics

English translation of Nar Taget Gar by Miss Li
One day in May in Norrland I sat alone at the station
Sat and wait ' pa that the Taken would come over the bridge
I got me steering wheel alone but it was Spirit wonderful
It was summer and anyway said will be taken soon
I had to see a man in a raincoat sitting quietly there a bit away
Work' onska life, short though it is already said
He sat at the breathing station, I thought he takes val nasta hold
But he let it go away from him, he never hanged on
I know what to do when I go
I know what to do to get the time to go
I'll fill it with liquor said it rolls ivag
Fill it with emptiness, like the Echo without my steps
Against the station monster, the flies FL decor like they didn't understand.
And they flog and flog and hit and hit, I let them fly until they died
Because I'm not a murderer with some sack of stolen gold
I just let go, for God's sake, no guilt
I know what to do
And the sun shone from heaven clear down at the solitary station
But the man sat and froze in his jacket of the galon
Jesus died on the cross for the sake of sin
Why should we suffer ifran barnsang next to mull
I know what to do
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