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English translation of Муза by Murovei
Yo, what's that, a sound? Not the beating in my heart
On the verge of a foul, on the edge, reality is in distress
Silence, now it's just me and her
We will consider ourselves lucky, we will drink wine to the meeting
Red waterfall inside the glass
Direct contact between you and me is what we needed.
Now familiar, comfortable silence
Not punching stamps by the crown again (odostreet, yo)
In Pushkin's eyes sobit
The subway won't open until five
Now we are left alone
Will go to rhyme and this will help me, you, Muse
We're going nowhere along the Avenue
No secrets, we dug to the bottom
You shed light, you add fire. ,
And I, I'm just a man on planet Earth.
On planet Earth

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