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English translation of Give It Up Fast by Nas
Son you know Mobb Deep is runnin' this shit
Qbc, ... grab your click
Yeah son, Im feelin' it
Opposition want me dead, concealin' shit
Four gats got me livin', kid
Rushin' through my pyramid
You secondary, go against the grain then you adversary
Had to bury ... on my side, that snitch
Ran his mouth like a bitch
Now hes ...' in a ditch
Daily dug for himself
On his grave I had to piss
Scud missile never miss you
Hit you, scratch you off, we left Jim Star rip through
You metal deeper, you aint havin' it me either
Its drama, aint got time for no breathers
Rapper Noyd make these ... into believers
Huh, huh
Hey Noyd, what up this cat right here, man
Word up!
The tough guy strong me
I guess he got plans to ... me
He want to do me slowly but surely
I beat his fast ass a bit early
Grabbed the biased raid, the shit was curly
Put the drome to his dome
Let him know its never early
You can slide before I snatch the heat from his side
Saw the devil in disguise by the look in his eyes
Big asses, you bought all the shit, pressin' ya luck
My pipe games like a night train
Top speed through ya warm piece
? To say the least
Give up the ... fast, quick and not slow
Not goin' to the cell if it aint a freak show
Said you know Mobb Deep is plannin this shit
Qbc, ... grab their click
(and thats how it go)
And thats it ...
(if it aint a freak show) It aint a freak show
Why know what Im ...'?
(don't give up, dont give up, dont give up)
Dont go
(y'know the deal)
Rapper Noyd, rapper P, Nas, Havoc
To the exit, ... we out!
What up!
(the Infamous)
Its over baby
(... 96 to 97)
Tell the rest of the crew

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