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English translation of Sei by Negramaro
Hey, you want to talk to me about when you had another face?
And you went to her and you didn't think that from that moment on you would be who you are
You are no longer what you used to be and now you are what there is
Different from me
And think about how much they betrayed all those kisses
That took away from the mouths the phrases that we wanted to shout
To convince us that we would never be able to love each other
And then you explain to me about our kisses the meaning
And if you find any sense, tell me at least what it is.
Tell me if there is.
Hey, Will you listen to me?
I still have other faces to wear you who you are,
You don't look like me among the ones I sewed and I don't remember who you are anymore you are not what you used to be and now you are what there is
Different from me
And to think that when they kidnapped all the thoughts
Those lying kisses looked real
Meanwhile, they stopped us from convincing ourselves that we would never see the end of all those kisses because we would never end up stealing them
Of this you now give me the beginning what is?
A reflection that does not belong to me
I don't recognize myself
You, mirror, can you at least tell me who you are?
What I see is you.
On the mouth I taste your kisses
In the eyes I see your eyes and I finally understand who you are
I didn't realize how hard I was in my eyes.,
On the face, in the air there is a part of you
And I realized that if I think about myself looking at my face
I don't recognize myself
But then a nice smile cuts my face and I tell myself I'm identical to you

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