E con te translation of lyrics

Also known as Econ te questa musica lyrics.

English translation of E con te by Nek
On this Friday I stop to write to you
And between these lines I see you
And I imagine it's so great to grow you up.
And in the desire to hold you I vibrate with emotions
Econ te this music
The time to come
In that smile of yours I see the marks of my face
Econ te
The sense is all here to love and protect you
For your tomorrow to be better
Anyway, I'll be there to absorb every bruise.
To give you strength in a moment and you will feel close
Econ te this music
The time to come
And in the importance that gives me your presence
You are the triumph of a symphony
Certainty and lenergia
May I continue to exist
With you lighting dreams
And for you that I would dare in a fragile moment
My life
And with you listening to lanima
And may your presence be a source of hope
Econ te
On this Friday I finish writing to you

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