Facciamo un week-end translation of lyrics

Also known as Due giorni per noi lyrics.

English translation of Facciamo un week-end by Nek
All hugged
With my back on the handbrake
Moon face and a Mandarin
On the window
We are here to love in the country
The machine is stressing us out a bit
But I have nothing else
Let's have a weekend
You and me alone
The house keys problem not ce
A tough weekend
Two days for us
I bet you're a fairy tale in bed.
Two beers no more
And no Tv
Undressed means
The Thousand-Foot stereo
Pit the stars
From how you dance
Hands on hips
I'm in your skin.
Then you don't want me
Can someone see us
I turn around and you push me down
And fall on me
Let's have a weekend
You and me alone
Two days that it is always night I wish
So far I do not know
If Whole you are
You're a puzzle to me.
A tough weekend
Breaking and entering the swatch
Imagine a little
What time is it?
It's late we'll be back
And on Saturday gia left
But not my idea
To make a weekend
You and me alone
I'd do enough love.
The photos of my turnstiles from
You walk out of the shower with your feet on mine
Dreaming of a weekend
The first with you
Driving through the rocks we return to the city
A tough weekend
Two days for us
Believe me and a fixation let's try it
Let's have a weekend
A tough weekend
Our weekend

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